Mexican Empire

This is an Alternate History mod, the Point of Divergence is that Emperor Agustin I does not dissolve congress and precipitates the fall of the first Mexican Empire…  as a result, conservatives and liberals both learn to work together under the structure of a constitutional monarchy, leading to a much more stable Mexico.

The Central American provinces never split, and United States settlers were never allowed in Tejas as empire sponsored jesuit colonizing expeditions the region during in the 1820s (creating a solid Mexican majority in southern Tejas).

I reorganized the internal divisions of the empire, so they closesly represent the 24 “intendencias” that existed during the first empire, which also means potentially more factories. There are decisions to increase migration later on, mirroring the USA’s Homestead Act and Statue of Liberty decisions, which will make it easier to directly compete with the U.S. by endgame.

Oh, and most of New Mexico, Alta California, and part of Texas, are colonizable. This is so you can gain a bit more of prestige early on, and there’s little danger of the USA grabbing them first since I also made some of their former territories west of the Misissipi colonizable. All the Oregon Country is also now a single colonizable state with life rating 30, so the historical conflict happens more or less accurately around the late 1840s (and now Mexico can participate too!).