Dragon of the East

Dragon of the East is a sub-mod (a mod within a mod) for the acclaimed Crusader Kings II’s Game of Thrones mod. Normally, you can create the Emperor-tier New Valyria title under certain conditions in the Game of Thrones mod already.

However, with Dragon of the East, you instead create the Valyrian Empire, which can be formed much more easily and comes with a special ‘Imperial’ government type with its own special features and gameplay mechanics. Additionally, several new bookmarks are added featuring characters in prime positions to start forming the Valyrian Empire, such as: Aegon the Conqueror, Daemon the Rogue Prince, Daemon Blackfyre, and Viserys the Beggar King.

I post new updates of the mod in the appropiate section within the Paradox Forums, and in the Citadel. However, I will now start posting new Dragon of the East updates here on Splendid Isolation, staring with the next one (coming soon-ish…).

Here is the link to the Citadel thread, so you can start trying it out now if you so wish.

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