Some of the counterfactual and alt-historical scenarios I’ve written.

  • An Alternate History of the Mexican Empire: The chronicles of a surviving Mexican Empire, in a world in which the liberals and conservatives learn to work together, and a young American nation got the European monarch it wanted. In-Progress, last updated 10/29/2017.
  • The Beauty of Our Weapons : Originally based on the popular Kaiserreich setting where the Central Powers won the Great War, this timeline follows the socialist syndicalist movement within the United States leading up to a revolution in 1936. In-Progress, last updated 2/27/2017.


This is a map archive, where I will be listing the maps I’ve done over at alternatehistory.com and elsewhere. Most of the maps are going to feature counterfactual scenarios and follow a standard format, with a general description of the scenario in the post itself, and brief comments on specific parts of the map on the side/bottom of the image itself.  The maps themselves you’ll find out are very simple, and made with  free and basic image-editing software such as paint.net

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